Music for Yoga to enhance Asana Flow

Music for Yoga

Music for Yoga

Drawing on rhythms and melodies from around the world to enhance group yoga practice, live music accentuates the flow of the asanas by alternating between rhythms that give support during strenuous poses and subtle and enchanting melodies that encourage an inward journey during restorative poses and periods of relaxation. Gabriel is also practices yoga, and his philosophy is that the merging of sound and movement allows for a deepening of awareness and more complete immersion in one’s practice. There is a strong intention of healing and support that is expressed in Gabriel's music.

Gabriel is always integrating new elements into his musical practice, and he will commonly use a wide variety of instruments to accompany yoga, including:

  • Kamela n’goni (West African harp)
  • Def (Middle Eastern frame drum)
  • Congas
  • Didgeridoo
  • Native American flute
  • Ocarina (clay flute)
  • Cajon
  • Hihat
  • Cymbals
  • Singing bowls
  • Balafon (West African marimba)
  • Djembe drum (West Africa)
  • Rebolo drum (Brazil)
  • Vocal melodies and chanting

About Gabriel Harris

Percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Harris has been touring internationally since 2004. He has performed on stage with the likes of Joan Baez, The Grateful Dead, Carlos Santana, Mickey Hart, Indigo Girls, Babatunde Olatunji, Pete Escovedo's Latin Jazz Ensemble, and many more. His musical roots run deep, in Africa and other indigenous cultures, and he has a unique talent for building bridges between musical genres and traditions. Prior to his touring career, Gabriel founded and directed Rhythm Village, performing and leading African drumming workshops for countless organizations and communities.