Rhythm Village Program Philosophy

The world is a village. We use the village metaphor to generate dynamic, supportive relationships through rhythm.

We live in a world filled with unlimited potential. One of these potentials is human creative energy.

When an individual or organization is in conflict with itself, much of this creative energy is lost, resulting in a non-productive individual, and a poorly performing organization.

One of the most powerful ways to bring individuals and organizations out of conflict and into harmonious creative activity is to put them in rhythm with themselves and their associates.

Through a powerful, exciting, and very enjoyable experience we bring groups of people into rhythm.

Key Benefits of Interactive Drumming Events

  • Learn the Harmony of Teamwork
  • Create Group Synergy
  • Increase Creativity
  • Support Cooperation
  • Remove Social Barriers
  • Release Stress
  • Invigorate the body
  • Enhance Listening Skills
  • Learn without Words
  • Improve Self-Esteem

Team Building & Conferences

Rhythm Village would like to bring the power of rhythm to your work place. We offer powerful hands-on drumming events that are perfect for team building workshops, conferences, training seminars, retreats, product launches, incentive groups, and more. We use rhythm and the village metaphor to generate dynamic, supportive relationships in a fun, exciting environment.
Experience the power of rhythm with one of our inspiring programs for your next event! Everyone will have a chance to step outside of their "day to day", learn fun drumming fundamentals with no pressure, experience being "in the groove" with their team mates, and walk away feeling energized and refreshed.

We bring the spirit of African celebration to you with drumming and dancing...for all!

School Programs

What could be a more important addition to a school curriculum than teaching the values of cooperation, initiative, and cultural awareness?

Rhythm Village has innovative interactive drumming events and ongoing programs that inspire these values for schools, colleges, universities and youth groups.  The primary goal is to have fun while learning the power of cooperation through harmony and rhythm.

Our events are also a very effective method of building confidence and self-esteem, while improving listening skills and coordination. People of all ages love playing the drums, learning rhythm and making music together.

We often include master musicians and dancers from Africa. Our experienced facilitators explain the cultural context of the traditional songs, chants and dances that accompany the drumming, promoting cultural awareness and diversity. We teach that we are all part of one village.

Suitable for all age groups, our customized programs are designed to awaken and stimulate creativity while teaching new skills in a fun and exciting format. At the end of the programs, participants feel energized and inspired with pride in their achievements.

Positive Effects of Our Programs

  • Fun and energizing
  • Develops coordination and fine motor skills
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Promotes diversity and cultural awareness
  • Encourages cooperation
  • Teaches successful group interaction
  • Unique and exciting

Community Drum Call

Come join Rhythm Village founder Gabriel Harris and a team of masterful musicians and facilitators as they transform any group into a moving, breathing, living ‘Rhythm Village’.

Imagine the sound, the feeling, the power, the raw energy, and the pure joy of 100 drums pulsating together in perfect rhythm. Now imagine that not only are you feeling and experiencing this incredible pulse, but are, in fact, creating it.

In a safe environment, where the only real mistake is to hold back, we will break down the barriers between performer and audience, feel the synergetic power of drumming together, share songs, dance, and have a blast pushing the groove to the limit.

Rhythm is our birthright. The first sound we hear in the womb is the rhythm of our mother’s heartbeat, there are no earlier or deeper connections. People have been playing drums for inspiration, health, and social harmony since before recorded history. Rhythm Village are masters at facilitating these connections and bringing out the best part of what it is to be alive.

This is your opportunity to be guided by seasoned professionals, to cross the bridge from observer to participant, and play with masters.

Group Classes & Private Lessons

“Without music there is no joy, without joy there is no music.”
— African Proverb

We offer group classes and private lessons around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn traditional djembe and doundoun rhythms and history from Guinea, Mali and Senegal in a fun, supportive and challenging environment. Learn new skills, play and heal with the power of rhythm. Make the cultural connection today.

Email us for class locations, to host a class, schedule private lessons or ask a question.