Get your groove on!

Team building, entertainment, and education programs
through the art of drumming!
Rhythm Village will take your there. They give great groove. Their powerful and fun rhythms will let your spirit fly!”
Mickey Hart, Drummer, The Grateful Dead
“It was a spectacular team building experience with all in the room working together to make a unifying sound. It was also a wonderful growth experience for individuals who found that they themselves were capable of making music.”
Evan Bloom, Director of North Valley Wellness Committee, Kaiser Permanente
“Gabe, thank you and Rhythm Village for coming to LOHAS. Your event helped us close our conference on an emotional high; it added something special and unique, really lifted our spirits and brought us together as a group!”
Brad Warkins President, Conscious Media

Experience the transformative power of the drum with Rhythm Village

Our drumming events are more than just music; they are catalysts for unity, community, and self-discovery. As we play together, barriers dissolve, and connections deepen, fostering harmony in both body and mind. Our mission is to share this ancient wisdom and healing energy with everyone, regardless of background or experience. We are dedicated to uplifting spirits, fostering togetherness, and creating memorable experiences that resonate long after the last beat has dropped. Contact us now to elevate your event with Rhythm Village.!